Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The commercials and advertisements are every where. The little ditty BLACK FRIDAY BLACK FRIDAY runs through my head as Kohls works it subliminal messages into my physic about how wonderful life will be if only I shop their outrageous deals guaranteeing that I will get the best bargains if I shop at their store at some obnoxious hour.

So lets take a look at this value.

1) Less time with the family. Who wants to spend time with the family when I could be buying gifts for these people that I don't have time for?

2) Anxiety as to whether I will be quick enough to snag that limited sale item that EVERYBODY has to have. REALLY? I already have 6 TVs in my home but this one has the newest technology and is ONLY $200 I have to have it!

3) Sleep deprivation because I prefer camping on a sidewalk in front of Best Buy instead of my warm comfy bed.

4) Cranky, bitter, obnoxiously selfish shoppers who have no manners, because it doesn't feel like the holidays until you've been sucker punched in your quest to buy the perfect Christmas gift.

If anything it seems as though the retail community has helped us help ourselves into devaluing what used to be a time for family. A time when we reflected upon our blessing and gave thanks to our God. An opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves. All which we toss aside for an opportunity that has no value whatsoever. We strive to have the best and the most, the latest the greatest the newest gadget out there because all this will make LIFE worth living make the mundane exciting, make the holidays just a little bit brighter and cheerier?

So what now? Who do I blame because it always has to be someone elses fault. It's nothing I do, because certainly if it weren't for the retailer opening his doors at 9-10-11-12 pm I would be home snuggling with my children reading a book or playing a board game with family and friends. It's not like I have the option to say "I think I'll just stay home." It's not my fault they are open. I have to shop!

I could stage a protest proclaiming that "the man" is manipulating me and how I live. Obviously my shopping habits have nothing to do with the retailers decision to open their stores. It's not my fault.

The simple fact is stores open their doors to make money. If I don't spend money they don't make money. I can refuse to buy into the opinion that the ONLY way to have a successful Christmas shopping experience is to fall prey to the BLACK FRIDAY sales. Or I can concede and say "but everyone else is doing it" so whether I stay home or not is not going to make a difference.

But I can make a difference maybe not in how the retailer operates but in the quality of time that my family gets from me and that is far more valuable than any Black Friday sale.

This year I choose family. I choose to shop at my convenience not the retailers. I choose to enjoy my holiday and focus on the reason behind these celebrations ~ I hope you will to

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Yes procrastination dominates my life. As you can tell since its been over a year since I last blogged or attempted doing any of this. I get inspired briefly when I see all the creative blogs and catch up on family through their blog sites. But it always seems so short lived. I'm not sure the reason behind my procrastination other than I just don't put enough importance on somethings to follow through. OR they're things I don't want to do and avaoidance is how I choose to deal with it.

I image conquering the procrastination habit would open many opprotunities for me, but I even procrastinate that. OH BOTHER!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The cardinals didn't win but they put up a good fight. Too little to late I guess. But there is always next year.

I haven't quite figured out my purpose for blogging. But hey everyone is doing it so I might as well. Maybe once I get the hang of this I can create something for others to enjoy.

I'm exploring some financial and health lifestyle changes this year. It will be an interesting year if I am able to follow through. Of course DH will have to be on board with these changes as well to really make them work.

I'm usually just crawling out of bed about this time but for some unknown reason today I just couldn't sleep. Of course now that I'm up dressed and ready for my day I'm starting to slow down and could take a nap about now. This is not an option but it sure sounds good. So I guess we'll wrap this up for now and enter some more random thoughts as we go.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Here it is Super Bowl Sunday and what am I doing? Setting up a blog site. 

Its an unusual Super Bowl Sunday for me. Just hangin' out by myself blogging. I might check in on the game and see what the score is when I am done with this. 

Hubby is hangin out with his Motorcycle club, DD #1 attending a SBP at a neighbors house. DD #2 just getting off a 12 hr shift ready to call it a day and DD #3 working. DS#1 and DS#2 live to far away to join them but I'm sure they're having a great time hangin with friends and  watching the game. 

Had a couple of different party options today but when it came down to it. I decided I just wanted to sit home and not do anything. 

Although I'm not watching the game I am rooting for the underdog the Arizona Cardinals. Its far more entertaining to have an underdog win. Unexpected things are sometimes the best! 

Think I'll grab a book, a glass a wine, and check the score and just call it an evening.